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Gravity Pushover plugin allows you to push instant notifications to your smartphone when a new submission is created with Gravity Forms. To achieve it, you need to have:

  1. Gravity Forms plugin
  2. A Pushover account
  3. Gravity Pushover plugin

To sum up, Gravity Pushover will create the link between Gravity Forms and Pushover.

Pushover is a service to get real-time notifications on your Android, iPhone, iPad and Desktop. It runs as an application and it’s very cheap. After creating an account at Pushover, you will get a Pushover User Key. Notifications from Gravity Forms will be sent to this Pushover User Key.

With Gravity Pushover plugin, it’s possible to:

  • Send e-mails and/or Pushover notifications to recipients
  • Send only Pushover notifications for specific forms
  • Send notifications to several recipients
  • Send notifications to the same recipient on several devices

You can customize to whole process to exactly what you need. Everything is done through the Gravity Forms interface. All you need is a Pushover User Key for each recipient.

How to get started?

First, you must have:

That’s all you need to start 🙂

How to install and set up the plugin?

  • You need to have the Gravity Forms plugin (any license)
  • Download the Gravity Pushover plugin using the link in the e-mail sent after your purchase
  • In the WordPress administration interface of your website, go to Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin and upload the zip file
  • Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  • Enter your license key to get the automatic updates of the plugin
  • Then, go to the Notifications tab of one of your existing forms:
  • Create a new notification:
  • Choose Pushover as Email Service:
  • Then, fill the information with you Pushover User Key, the subject (it will be the title of the notification) and the message (it will be the content of the notification):
  • Save the Notification

That’s it!

Now, every notification sent by Gravity Forms will be pushed to your Pushover account, on your mobile phone.

What does the Pushover notification look like?

Once the plugin is correctly set up, the notification will be sent when a visitor will submit the form. Here the example of a notification received on a phone:

Inside the Pushover app:

This example has been done with Android. It will also work the same if you have an iPhone, or an iPad, or even another tablet or a smartwatch.

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